Print Local. Resources for 3D Printing in Omaha.

If you have questions about 3D printing, need something printed, or need something designed or engineered; these places might be able to help you.

Do Space

If you want to play around with 3D printing, the Do Space has its very own 3D printing lab staffed with kind people who can help you print your creation. They also have software you can use to design your printed parts. Basically, if you're okay with spending your time figuring out how to design something that you can then print, check out the Do Space. It's first-come first-serve at the Do Space, so you could be waiting for your turn on the printer. If you don't want to spend the time designing whatever it is you would like to print, there are other services that can help you out.

KüL 3D

Not only does KüL 3D provide printing services, they also offer engineering services. So for those who don't have the patience or ability to create their own models, they can come to KüL 3D to create a 3D model which can then be printed. In some cases you might want to go from 3D print to manufacturing; KüL 3D can help you create the model to send to a manufacturer since they are staffed with mechanical engineers.

Tethon 3D

Need something printed in ceramic? Tethon 3D can help you out with that! Tethon 3D is continually researching 3D printed ceramics and offers printing services.

Omaha Maker Group

Want to join with a bunch of other locals working together to create their projects? This is the place for that. The Omaha Maker Group has a 3D printer, laser cutter, mill, electronics equipment, and much more. If you join you have access to the shop where you are free to use the tools and equipment therein.

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